The sunny weather has turned our thoughts to getting more active outside and if you like to run, you may have considered bringing your best friend along. That’s a great idea, but there are several important considerations to keep your pet healthy and safe before leashing up and heading out.

  • Some breeds are made for running (i.e. greyhounds, huskies, etc.) some breeds are not (pugs, basset hounds, great danes)
  • Just like with humans, running requires strength and stamina, which must be built up. Just because your dog is a running breed, it does not mean he/she is ready to head out for a 10 km run
  • Consider your pets age. Puppies should not go for distance runs because they are more prone to joint and ligament damage. Additionally, older dogs may have joint degenerative issues, which could be accelerated with running
  • Just like in humans, it is best to check with a medical professional before embarking on any new fitness regime. Your veterinarian can look for any health issues that would make running unsafe for your friend.
  • Even when given the go ahead by the vet there are things to watch for:
    • heat stroke
    • over doing it (if your dog appears to be moving slower the next day, ease off)
    • lagging behind you (if your dog needs to be encouraged to keep up, it is too much exertion for him/her)
    • keep an eye on how they are walking and watch for any limping
    • keep them hydrated!

Here’s to many sunny and safe runs for you and your dog!