It has been a wet, cool spring here in the Kootenay! We are all getting a little tired of it, but thankfully we are not made of sugar, so let’s keep getting out for exercise! It is important for your dogs too!

What things should you consider with all of this wet, cold weather though?
First, it’s chilly. If you are just going for a light stroll with your pooch, there is not much prep that needs to be done. However, if you are taking them biking or running or hiking you both need to warm up those cold muscles! What are good things to do before intense activity for your dog?
Light jogs
-Sit to stands
-Figure 8 walking

Basically anything to gently warm those muscles up and move their body through extreme ranges of motion for at least 3-5 minutes.

Second, it’s slippery! All this water is making things slick so think about footing for your dog. If you’re biking through a muddy, greasy spot SLOW DOWN and let your dog slow down for some grip too. Dogs can pull muscles and suffer sprains and strains just like we can when we slip on a slippery surface. So, do exercise caution on the slick mud and help prevent your dog from injuring themselves!

Ultimately, it does not look like this rain is going anywhere anytime soon, so get out, and enjoy!

Rainy day Pulpit……. SOAKING WTE!!