Now Introducing Thera-Paw Canada

Therapaw is Now in Canada!

Kootenay Canine Physio is the only Canadian distributor trained to make customized neoprene carpal and tarsal supports for animals with special needs.

Thera-Paw carpal supports, boots, Cushy Paw Slippers and boot modifications and refurbishments are also available.

Thera-Paw, Inc., is a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes splints, braces, protective garments, and supports, as well as other assistive products for animals with special needs. I am bringing some of this expertise to Canada, under Thera-Paw to offer custom supports made here is Canada.

Please visit, for more information and descriptions of products.

For any questions, or to order custom carpal and tarsal supports, or thera-paw carpal support or boots, please e-mail us at