Kootenay Canine Physio provides canine and feline rehabilitation services through the West Kootenays.

Whether your dog or cat has been injured by trauma or sport, has a congenital orthopaedic issue, is in need of weight management strategies, is advanced in age, or is a weekend warriors who needs preventative exercises, physio can help them live happier lives, with less pain and better function.

The Sporting Dog

A sporting dog, or working dog is essentially the equivalent to an elite athlete. I recommend all sporting and working dogs have regular assessments to help prevent significant injuries.

Puppy Assessments

Puppies live a rough and tumble few weeks. Puppy assessments can help identify any orthopaedic issues early on and strategies can be developed to prevent or minimize long term complications.

Neurological Problems

Physiotherapists are trained in rehabilitation following neurological injuries and impairments. Physio can help with problems such as spinal disc disease, spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions by reducing pain and working on gait retraining, strengthening and endurance.

Meet the physiotherapist

Jen McNutt graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy in 2009. She has completed numerous continuing education courses in physical therapy, including numerous courses in Canine Rehabilitation. She has completed her Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation as offered by the Animal Rehabilitation Division (ARD) of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and is a member of the education committee of the ARD.

Jen has certification in canine courses in K-Taping, massage, advanced manual therapy of the canine spine, bracing and senior dog mobility.